Seed & early stage investment for talented, focused founders.

Great Oaks is among the most active Seed investors in New York. We partner with our founders to build enduring businesses across Consumer, Enterprise, Healthcare and other industries. Typically, we invest between $50,000 and $500,000 in Seed or Series A financings. The majority of our investments are based in New York, NY and San Francisco, CA, though geography is not a limitation in our investment process, including internationally.

Our Companies


The Great Oaks team has decades of experience investing in businesses as seed or early investors. More than 300 businesses have been backed by members of the Great Oaks team. We have an extensive network throughout the United States comprised of leading tech founders, peer venture investors and specific industry specialists. We leverage our network and experiences in early stage investing in order to help each and every portfolio company achieve its full potential.

Our Team


Our goal is to help founders grow their businesses rapidly and become profitable and self-sustaining, sell their business or attract growth financing. We work most closely with founders ahead of their Series A financings when they are working to find product market fit and develop their product or service. We align ourselves with founders in order to help negotiate and secure the right growth investors, buyers and partners for the lifetime of the business. We know that entrepreneurs build great companies, not VCs. Our goal is to help and support founders and ensure that their businesses develop sustainably in their early days.